Ryan Chartrand

For those of you lurking near or around San Luis Obispo this summer, be sure to make a trip to the California Mid-State Fair, the premiere joint to hang out with friends while digesting good music, good vibes and, of course, good food.

Once again, it’s time for another delectable edition of Cal Poly’s own “$40 A Day: Mid-State Fair Style” – an episode high on grease, loaded with salt, packed with sugar and smothered in nothing but good taste, topped off with only the best domestic beers on tap.

After weighing down on some of the grub and brew that the Mid-State Fair has to offer, here’s what you need in order to experience some good old belly bliss.

Corn Dogs – Golden Fair Food Standard

If it isn’t popcorn or cotton candy, there’s no other fair food staple like the corn dog. It’s a must. And at the Mid-State Fair, the vendors are strategically placed near your favorite bar, ride and the baseball game with a carnie that keeps suckering you out of your money. And they offer up some appetizing corn dogs at a reasonable price.

Not too overcooked and crunchy, and nowhere near soft and chewy like a soggy microwaveable one, the corn dogs at the fair are a tasty medium. For a lightly salted dog with a fluffy cornmeal crust, splatter on some ketchup and mustard and you’re golden.

You can find the typical corn dog at any fair vendor for $3, or at a little joint near the main stage, you can get the “foot-long” for $5.

Chinese Food – Good & Greasy Grub

With a buffet list full of Americanized classics, make sure to hit up the Chinese food vendors near the main stage and the fair rides if you’re looking for a little sweet n’ sour and teriyaki.

The skewers, either beef or chicken, are served piping hot on a foot-long stick and glistening in a teriyaki base. Equal parts salty and sweet, with a dash of pepper, the teriyaki skewers are a Mid-State must and at $4 a pop, not too shabby, price-wise.

Other notable Chinese appetizers include egg rolls, fried rice and chow-mein noodles.

Funnel Cake – Knockout Punch to an Awesome Evening

When the concerts are through and the night is waning, be sure to top off your Mid-State Fair experience with some epic funnel cake.

Showered heavily with powdered sugar and served up warm either plain or topped with strawberries, funnel cake is the perfect ending to a night (and a belly) full of good eats whether you’re with your friends, a date, or rocking it solo.

If you’re looking for a smorgasbord of sweet taste, try the funnel cake topped with caramelized strawberries dripping with sugar for $8, which is guaranteed to make you comatose from the flavor and send you sleep-walking back to your ride for the trip home.

This is just a taste of the good eats that the Mid-State Fair has to offer, but reason enough for you all to get off your butts and head north where the music, lights, and the ladies are. So put down the remote control, stop playing endless hours of Halo online, give the Chapelle’s Show Box Set a much-needed rest, and grab your friends for an awesome road trip and a night of grubbing.

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