It all started with a personal interest in the stock market and wanting to make some extra cash on the side by reselling items in high demand –– such as sneakers and PlayStation 5’s –– for up to triple the amount of what they were purchased for at retail price.

Then, during what was supposed to be the 2020-2021 soccer season, men’s soccer senior forward Emmanuel Perez found extra time in his schedule to start “MDRN Profit,” his own online business designed to help fellow college students mitigate their debt. 

“I saw there’s a big need for people in college that aren’t really educated in money because when they leave college they’re in debt,” Perez said. 

Perez makes short tutorial and informational videos showing the latest trends, price rates, expected product time launches and other tips on Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram. 

According to Perez, during the first five years after college, many students tend to place themselves in negative debt which affects their future lives. He hopes that reselling and investing can open a door for students to earn some extra cash to combat the debt.

“I just wanted to help people understand how important finances were and how important it is to learn early on,” Perez said. 

One of his biggest scores since he started reselling was when he profited over $800 off a pair of Nike Dunk Low shoes that sold for just $100 at retail price. 

“Imagine buying something, getting it in the mail and then sending it back in the mail and you get $800 for like 20 minutes of work,” Perez said. “I’ll do that any day instead of sitting at a desk and doing something that I might not like.”

According to Perez, when a highly demanded item releases, the buyer only has roughly between five to ten seconds to purchase it before it sells out. 

“If you don’t do it perfectly, you don’t get anything and you just wasted all the preparation, time and the waking up early,” Perez said. “But if you do it right, it’s a little bit of a rush and it’s a great feeling when you get the shoes or the PlayStation or wherever you’re looking for and it’s 100% profit.”

However, it’s not all about making money for Perez. Above all, his main objective is to help people as much as he possibly can by sharing the information and knowledge that he developed in such an emerging market. 

Aside from the trading tips that consumers inquire about, Perez said they also reach out to him for help in starting a retirement account or to learn about which stocks are worth investing in as they plan for their future after college. 

MDRN Profit is not Perez’s only source of income. He previously worked at Jamba Juice and has been coaching a local youth soccer team for the past year in order to bring in extra money to apply the principles he teaches. 

“It’s always important to have just a steady source of income, even if it’s a little less, just so you always have money coming in,” Perez said. “If you get any extra, then you can use that for whatever else you need.”

However, as a student-athlete, youth soccer coach and business owner, time management is essential for him. When asked about this, he said it’s “all about compartmentalizing.”

As a result of all the extracurriculars, he and his coach noticed that he wasn’t getting enough sleep or time for himself, so he started balancing his life by prioritizing and planning his days accordingly.

“That’s the type of guy I always was. I was like ‘I’m not going to sleep until I get this done,’ but I ended up sleeping for three, four hours a night and I had practice, class, work and then whatever business video I was going to make,” Perez said. 

If the trading business ever takes off, Perez plans to keep raising financial awareness.

“I just want to be able to coach and help people with their money and their finances,” Perez said. “It’s not necessarily a dollar amount, but it’s more the freedom to make the choices I want.”

Although Perez is looking into doing this long-term, his current aspirations of playing soccer professionally are his main priority as he realizes there is always time to grow or start a new business down the line.

“This isn’t a full time job, but if something comes up where people can make good money and I can educate them and I have the time, I’ll more than gladly post and help and message people in any way I can,” Perez said.

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