I really hope that Jessica Potter’s letter was meant to be sarcastic. If not, it is her way of thinking that women have fought for so long and hard to change.

First, why on earth would she attend a university such as Cal Poly, a university that is so highly esteemed that it can not admit thousands of qualified applicants each year, when she does not intend to use her degree in any way except to “snag a soon-to-be well-to-do engineer?” She is likely spending thousands of her parents’ dollars at this university and is also stealing a spot in the liberal studies program from somebody who would very much like to become a teacher.

Additionally, her appalling view of teachers as people who babysit other women’s children is completely outrageous. These “babysitters” are the ones who inspire and educate the future doctors, lawyers and other professionals every day. She suggests that children be taught by their mothers at home. Well, I can only imagine the inadequate education her children will receive.

Moreover, she not only insults working women by stating that they alone are responsible for the divorce rate in this country, she also offends the men of this university by suggesting that they would not want to marry a woman who makes more money than them. I would guess that most of the men on this campus would appreciate and respect a woman who is capable and willing to contribute to the family income.

Finally, I plead with her to do as she says. Find a husband, have babies and please stay out of our educational system. The last thing women need is for her to teach her “values” to our children.

Gina Knox

Biological sciences senior

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