I am writing this letter in response to Jessica Potter’s letter to the editor. I completely disagree with her points that liberal studies majors belong in the home. If some women came here to find an engineer husband or plan on settling down at home in the future, fine. I think that Potter was making a complete overgeneralization about our major which I resent. I can’t speak for other people, but I know that my intent was to come here because it was a great school for academics and I want to make a difference as a teacher. I have always loved children and I would be willing to make sacrifices for it. One major point about liberal studies majors is we WILL have to sacrifice a lot because it is becoming harder and harder to be a teacher. Anyone that looks down on this major, I have to ask them if they would pick a job that is underpaid and overworked? Being a teacher is an honorable job and when I think about most of my role models, they were teachers. I refuse to conform to those stereotypes, because I know that I have goals and that I will succeed in the workforce. For anyone that is reading this I want them to know that all of the women I know who are liberal studies majors worked hard to get here. We should be taken seriously, and our major is not some kind of a joke.

Maddie French

Liberal studies freshman

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