It is very sad to see still another letter, like Humza Chowdhry’s, appearing in a university newspaper. What is the intention of these oft-repeated messages? They offer no solutions to the very complex problems of and between the Palestinians and the Israelis as people. They offer no suggestions for ending the tragic costs, particularly in human lives. Nor do the writers show the many sides of the issues and only succeed in inciting violence and sustaining the continuing destruction and chaos.

These letters are obstacles to the efforts of peace-loving families who are seeking to negotiate co-existence and non-violent methods to deal with differences and disagreements. These people have the hope that both Middle Eastern communities will become two respected nations of Israelis and Palestinians thriving side by side.

I for one, have a deep appreciation for student and faculty activism that expresses participation and concern for the benefit of the planet. But I would require a rational, enlightened, constructive voice which reflects high education and purpose.

Back to the subject of Humza’s letter in the Mustang Daily of April 19, 2006, shouldn’t there be an end to what can be construed as advocating for any nation’s destruction or for war-mongering anywhere on the planet seeming to justify terrorism.

Hilda Heifetz

Morro Bay

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