Maki is the right choice for ASI president

On May 3rd, I will be casting my vote for Todd Maki for ASI president.

Maki is my choice because of his strong experience within Student Government. He was a part of a massive bus surveying taskforce that complied student concerns to strengthen ASI’s voice when approaching SLO Transit. When Safe Ride was eliminated, Todd instantly began researching, organizing and planning for a solution that will ensure the safety of students. Alongside other members of ASI, Maki helped create a resolution supporting college affordability. Maki understands that students are facing a heavy burden with the dramatic increasing of CSU fees.

Not only does Todd have the experience, dedication and passion to fully advocate for students, he exemplifies collaboration and cooperation within student government. He can unite any group, despite diverse political beliefs and work styles. I am proud to work alongside Todd Maki and will be prouder to call him president.

Ruthie Osorio

English senior

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