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Cal Poly’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) voted on Tuesday night to approve an eight-year expansion plan that invites four new fraternities to campus.

The vote slated Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) to join Cal Poly IFC in Fall 2016, Alpha Sigma Phi in Fall 2018, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) in Fall 2020 and Phi Delta Theta in Fall 2022.

The plan was created by an expansion committee, comprised of members of IFC chapters, United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC), Panhellenic executive board members, Assistant Director for Center of Leadership and Service Jason Mockford, Dean of Students Kathleen McMahon and fraternity and sorority life coordinator Kathryn O’Hagan.

Before the committee decided on the expansion plan, each organization gave a presentation to IFC and was interviewed by members of the administration. Greek life members were encouraged to attend the presentations at the IFC meetings and were asked to evaluate each organization based on its impression.

Wine and viticulture sophomore and IFC expansion chairman Cody Schroeder said that the expansion committee felt Pi Kapp’s values aligned best with those of Cal Poly greek life. Schroeder said he was not involved in the expansion discussion or decision.

Schroeder also noted that the committee appreciated Pi Kapp’s approach to inclusivity and diversity policies.

“They’re dealing with things on a national level that we’re dealing with on our campus,” Schroeder said. “They’re paralleling us with where they’re going, so they’ll just mesh with us and move us forward in where we’re going.”

McMahon was also impressed with Pi Kapp’s values and action plan for inclusivity. She mentioned that part of Pi Kapp’s plan includes collaborating with campus organizations such as the Cross Cultural Centers prior to recruitment.

“This is to broaden the base of student recruitment, so all students feel the chapter could be a good fit for them,” McMahon said.

Pi Kapp is recruiting founding fathers starting Oct. 20, after IFC’s formal recruitment ends.

O’Hagan had positive things to say about all four fraternities that are scheduled to join Cal Poly greek life.

“Pi Kappa Phi’s Ability Experience is an incredible philanthropy,” O’Hagan said in an email. “Alpha Sigma Pi has five philanthropic partners that includes Aware Awake Alive, FIJI has great academic excellence incentives and Phi Delta Theta has a great emerging leaders conference.”

McMahon said that all four chapters had a strong alumni base in the San Luis Obispo area, which she and the committee felt was an important factor in the decision.

Only Pi Kapp is fully confirmed to join Cal Poly in Fall 2016. The winter before each fraternity’s quarter of colonization, the expansion committee will reform and reevaluate the organization. This is to determine whether the organization is still a good fit for Cal Poly. The committee will take into account the current campus climate and IFC’s rate of growth and ability to take on a new chapter.

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