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This weekend, I attended what may have been my last ’80s-themed party – at least I hope so. Not that I didn’t totally dig the Paula Abdul dance videos, big teased hair and obnoxiously bright colors, it’s just that one can only endure inhaling Aquanet for so long. I do understand the necessity of the re-emergence, though. After a decade of unimaginative ’90s fashion and post Sept. 11, 2001 conservatism, I suppose we need the playfulness and spontaneity we remember from the 1980s – not that I remember much of them.

But still, I danced to Madonna and Billy Idol, ate Pez and Pringles and put on the tackiest clothing and jewelry I could find (puffy sleeves, please!) because I knew this might be my last chance to do so. OK, I’m being a little dramatic. While you shouldn’t quite take Queen and Duran Duran off your party shuffle, the revival of the ’80s, as we know it, is dead. Last year we saw fashion and trend influences inspired by the 1960s. Thick headbands, mod dresses, miniskirts and big sunglasses have returned to the scene, and movies like “Factory Girl” have set our fashion clocks back even further. 2008, however, marks the return of the ’70s; girl, put your records on!

For those of us who don’t remember the 1970s (i.e. most of you), here are a few things that may make a comeback:

1. Tie-Dye: I hope you saved all the tie-dye shirts you made at camp, because the 2008 runways have been full of tie-dye inspired fabrics and colors. Promise you won’t take out your tie-dyed socks and underwear, though.

2. Peace: The concept, and also the symbol. You can’t go into retail stores without spotting them, and you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about it. Iraq is the new Vietnam.

3. High-waisted pants and bell-bottoms: Jessica Simpson and Fergie love to sport the high-waisted pant, but bell-bottoms will be returning as well. (Wait, don’t you mean Apple-bottom jeans?)

4. Disco: You have permission to throw out anything polyester, but anything bright and shiny is fair game. Metallics and sequins aren’t just for the holidays anymore. And now I can wear that sequined dress out without fear of being turned into a makeshift disco ball. But look out for leisure suits, because they’re making a comeback, too.

5. Platforms: Thanks to Steve Madden, the platform lives on, but we’ll see more natural materials like wood and leather in this season’s footwear. I know I can definitely use the lift.

6. Headwear: Headscarves and Pocahontas headbands (you know, the ones that go around your head like a ninja) will also be en vogue. Just remember to bathe once in a while.

7. Colors: Yellows, oranges, lavenders and verdant greens once popular in the ’70s will be appearing on everything from T-shirts to bathing suits. Just be careful around children; they may mistake you for a crayon.

8. Maxi Dress: Don’t worry, a maxi dress has nothing to do with feminine hygiene products (I checked). Look for these long, flowing dresses in bold and romantic prints, though they work best on tall, slender figures.

9. Tree-huggers: Thanks to Al Gore followers and anyone who would rather the earth not flood and kill us all, the environmental conservatism movement has been renewed. I was kind of looking forward to getting rid of the ozone – it gets in the way of my tan.

Note: ’80s lovers, your favorite trends won’t just disappear. It’s just that other influences will be louder and, well, cooler. Sorry. But Paula Abdul, Pop Tarts and tight pants won’t be going anywhere for a while (especially not together), so stop your crying.

Allison Baker is an English senior, Mustang Daily columnist and pop-culture enthusiast.

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