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Giving peace another chance

Cal Poly English professor Kevin Clark’s first recollection of the peace symbol dates back to the days when he watched horrific, graphic scenes of the Vietnam War repeatedly headlining the evening news in the mid-1960s. Despite his conservative upbringing in the suburbs of New Jersey, the images deepened his already growing connection with the protesters who frequented the evening reports, holding the peace symbol to protest the war and promote a new social consciousness.

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Getting artsy at the Craft Center

Spring quarter is a time to relax, soak up some rays and show some skin, so why not complement that tan with some homemade jewelry, a souped-up bike or a hand-shaped surfboard?

Registration for the Craft Center’s spring quarter classes – six weeks of instructional courses taught by Cal Poly students – begins today.

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Documentary comes to SLO

“This is the first time in American history that there has been a documentary film made about someone who is fighting against American soldiers in real time and shown to the American public while that conflict is still going on,” said Molly Bingham, director of “Meeting Resistance,” at a San Luis Obispo screening of the film last month.

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Cal Poly vies for another win against UC Irvine

Following a week of accolades and broken records, the Cal Poly women’s basketball team will take on UC Irvine in the first round of the Big West Conference Tournament at noon today at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The fifth-seeded Mustangs (11-18, 8-8) have downed the eighth-seeded Anteaters (7-23, 3-13) twice this season, and if they do it again, they will meet No.

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I love the '70s

This weekend, I attended what may have been my last ’80s-themed party – at least I hope so. Not that I didn’t totally dig the Paula Abdul dance videos, big teased hair and obnoxiously bright colors, it’s just that one can only endure inhaling Aquanet for so long.

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Vagina Monologues: Female perspective

I got down with the vagina, the hoo-ha, the pee-pee, the lulu, the nona and the pink taco on Saturday evening, and I was in the most wonderful of moods for the remainder of my night. I would have called myself an empowered female prior to my viewing of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues,” but after attending the show I’ll never think of “down there” the same, nor should any of the males who were in attendance.

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Cal Poly wins nail-biter

Heading into Thursday night’s game against UC Irvine, the Cal Poly men’s basketball team knew it would have to make up for the absence of formerly starting senior guard Dawin Whiten. It just didn’t know quite how it would until game time.

Cal Poly momentarily found some answers while snatching a 57-56 victory from the Anteaters at Mott Gym in a Big West Conference win that saw eight Mustangs play at least 18 minutes, and reserve freshman guard Shawn Lewis score a season-high 12 points.



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