Leila Durmaz is a journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist. | David Jang/Mustang News

Leila Durmaz
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Leila Durmaz is a journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist.

The 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Emerald is so last year. Say hello to Radiant Orchid, the new color on the block.

Radiant Orchid, officially known as PANTONE® 18-3224, has been named the 2014 color of the year by global color authority Pantone.

Last year, the color of the year was Emerald, a gorgeous green gem that found itself in the spotlight. Radiant Orchid is a nice change from the dark green of last year. This year’s pinkish purple hue will brighten your day (and skin tone) just a bit.

Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiesman describes Radiant Orchid as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones that inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.”

If that doesn’t sound like a wonderful color, I’m not sure what does.

So how does a year get its own color?

It’s simple, really. Pantone chooses the color each year. The company polls graphic, industrial, fashion and other designers, in addition to manufacturers and retailers, and asks them what colors they plan to use in the upcoming seasons.

A group of Pantone executives and clients known as the color committee choose a color based on the surveys, sales of color swatches and its experts opinions.

Pantone’s annual color report carries so much influence that Radiant Orchid was featured in spring 2014 designer collections such as Chanel and Prada.

How to work Radiant Orchid in your life

Emerald showed up everywhere last year — from clothing to kitchenware to home décor — and that’s to be expected with Radiant Orchid this year.

To stay on top of the color trend and add a fun and versatile color into all aspects of your life, here are a couple tips.

For fashion

There’s no better time to embrace the 2014 color of the year than this spring/summer season, since the pastel trend is in full swing.

If you need a reason to add some Radiant Orchid into your wardrobe, you should know the purple hue is a flattering color for all skin tones. It will instantly brighten your skin and make it look, well, radiant.

So, embrace Radiant Orchid and incorporate it in your wardrobe. The pretty purple hue pairs well with pastels and contrasting colors like navy, emerald (why not pair the past two colors of the year?) and maroon. Color block Radiant Orchid or keep it simple with neutrals.

For beauty

Radiant Orchid is also a new hot shade in beauty.

The easiest way to embrace the color of the year in your beauty routine is to pick up a nail polish in the purple shade.

For the more adventurous, grab a lipstick in Radiant Orchid. It may sound a little crazy, but why not try something other than the red and bright pink lip color you’ve been wearing? The bold color looks great on every skin tone and is perfect for spring and summer.

Eye shadows, eyeliners and blush can easily be found in the beautiful purple shade, so experiment and find what you love best. Just remember to keep in mind not to wear a full face of Radiant Orchid … unless you really want to, I guess.

For your home

There’s more to Radiant Orchid than its place in fashion and beauty. The pretty purple color can be used to make your home feel just a little bit more home-y.

Liven up your space with mugs, lamp shades, bedding and a new Keurig (just in case you really need another coffee maker) in Radiant Orchid.

Any guesses for next year’s color of the year?

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