Leila Durmaz
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10 stylish summer essentials

Leila has you covered with these 10 must-have summer essentials.

Your 5-step guide to spring cleaning and organizing your closet

Those patterned pants? That crop top? Are you sure you still want to wear them?

Where to shop for what: Your guide to local clothing stores

Looking for a specific style of clothing in San Luis Obispo? Leila has you covered.

10 wardrobe essentials you should have in your closet

The 10 things you need in your closet.

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Guess what Pantone’s color of the year is.

Your 8-step guide to festival fashion

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Best of spring fashion: What's trending

Journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist Leila Durmaz tells you about the must-have items for your spring wardrobe.

A bittersweet goodbye to freshman year

Everyone said that college would be the fastest four (five or six) years of our lives and that freshman year would go by the quickest. Though I anticipated it, I never thought I would have reached this point as rapidly…

The truth behind freshmen lies

Within the past two weeks or so, I’ve found myself wondering where the time has gone and how a day can go by so quickly. As spring quarter quickly comes to a close, everything just seems to go by so…

Clean out more than just your room this spring

Half of spring quarter has already flown by and midterms have decided to grace us with their unwelcomed presence — especially this quarter. So with nothing else but midterms on my mind, I decided to be productive and do a…


  Let’s talk #freshmanproblems. Side note: before I go any further, I apologize to those who — like me — despise the use of hashtags anywhere else but on Twitter because this article will contain a few. I remember driving…