The Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience (ICLR) at Cal Poly is hosting their inaugural Climate Solutions Now Conference this weekend, Oct. 2-3, for students who are interested in engaging in climate change solutions.  

Rather than focusing on personal choices and home improvements that can reduce a person’s carbon footprint, the conference is focusing on highlighting career paths students from any department can take to help combat climate change. 

“The big thing we are trying to get across at this conference is that there are ways for folks to get involved in climate crisis that are really meaningful,” ICLR founder and Cal Poly mathematics professor Erin Pearse said. “This is about how to get into [climate crisis] as a career.”

The virtual conference will feature more than 90 talks and discussions from various keynote speakers. Students from every department are encouraged to attend to find out how to use their skillset to help with climate change. 

Whether you are an architect, scientist, writer, teacher, economist or administrator, everyone is welcome to get involved and find out how they can make a change.

“[The climate crisis] requires people who are coming from all different backgrounds, because we really have all the technology we need to solve this problem,” Pearse said. “What we need is the education, the consensus, the outreach and the political will to implement it.”

The conference will host speakers from institutions such as the Environmental Defense Fund, California Independent Systems Operator and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Former San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon will give a keynote speech at the conference under her new role as Romero Institute’s senior public affairs officer. 

The Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience is building the Institute for Climate Leadership and Resilience, an organization that will train new climate leaders for careers in climate change and to make Cal Poly a climate leader in higher education. The ICLR works to facilitate connections between different sections of climate change to produce solutions.  

To see the agenda and get tickets for the conference, visit the Climate Solutions Now | Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience website.

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