In response to Heba Mansour’s and Humza Chowdry’s misleading statistics and deceptive lies, I am sick of listening to complaints over Palestinian housing demolition by Israeli forces. The Israeli army carries out the demolition for two reasons. First, the houses are illegally erected without permits on Israeli soil. Second, they are the homes of Palestinian suicide bombers and their family supporters who continue to kill innocent Jews, of which 1,084 have been killed since September 2000. Humza criticized media control in the U.S., when in Palestinian territories, all stations are privately owned and regulated. Broadcasted media, as well as newspaper content, is restricted to government propaganda. These countries cannot even operate on their own, but continue to blame Israel for their problems. Since Oslo, Israeli education has implemented “peace education” to encourage young Israelis to accept and respect Arabs. By contrast, ninth-grade Palestinian textbooks have been seen asserting that “treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews, and, therefore, one should beware of them,” furthermore, “the Jews are enemies to the prophets and believers.” The textbooks even glorify Jihad and martyrdom. It’s no wonder there is so much turmoil within Palestinian society. Humza complains of Palestinians living in poverty, yet the governments fail to provide proper education to the younger generations, and their economy is a disaster. All oil money is funneled away from the people, when billions of dollars could help improve Palestinian society.

Matt Morvai

Chemistry junior

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