Andy Scott: As a fellow engineer, I also agree that our country’s policy on education hasn’t been perfect. Things should change in the math and sciences, and some of the fingers you pointed were progressively informed. However, when you bring up intelligent design, stem-cell research and global warming, it seems you have overstepped your mechanical engineering authority. Correct me if I am wrong, but these subjects you speak of lie predominantly within the spheres of law, ethics, statistics and the life sciences. How does laminar flow fit in? I would also like to suggest that not all scientists “universally” agree upon the non-scientific actuality of intelligent design. You should read a book by Michael Behe, rediscover the claims of Newton, contemplate the writings of Kant or simply (being the scientist that you are) investigate the order and uniformity in all those equations you use to explain the natural world around you. I am no authority on these subjects, but those amazing figures mentioned will certainly do. Perhaps the second law of thermodynamics isn’t one you apply, but that would mean that you are one of these unfortunate students our education system has let down.

Mark Taylor

Architectural engineering senior

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