Ryan Chartrand

Too much has happened in the last few years (let alone the last 90) for us to squeeze it all onto one page. So we took a scattering of some of the biggest stories to rock Cal Poly.

Who could forget Scott Peterson, the Cal Poly alum who was sentenced to death for killing his wife Laci (also a Poly grad) and their unborn son?

In better news, the Cal Poly football team reached the NCAA 1-AA playoffs for the first time ever last fall. The Mustangs made it all the way to the quarterfinals before losing to Texas State.

George W. Bush beat out John Kerry for reelection in November, 2004. The Mustang Daily extended its deadline to midnight to get the most up-to-date coverage possible for students and faculty.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited San Luis Obispo last fall during his special election campaign and spoke to a locals at the Madonna Inn. Californians ultimately rejected all the ballot measures he supported but that hasn’t deterred the governor from running for reelection next month.

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