I’m writing in response to the consistent criticism of an ad for a local shooting range. As a journalism student (and a senior at that) are you really so misinformed? Papers sell ads so papers make money. Papers sell ads for things people like. End of story. The NRA hasn’t infiltrated anything and there’s absolutely no harm in promoting a shooting range. Nearly every student on this campus is old enough to own a gun, and if they choose to do so, why shouldn’t there be a safe place to shoot? If someone is going to shoot a gun (partly thanks to the 2nd Amendment, since you don’t know the 1st) then the range is by far the safest place to do it. Yes, a gun can kill someone, but teach a person to shoot in a controlled environment and that won’t happen. Gun violence is exceedingly rare on college campuses and is surely not the fault of a shooting range; maybe instead, focus your social agenda on increased counseling to troubled students.

I was raised by an alcoholic and Sushiya advertises happy hour, I’m a guy and Crazy Jay’s advertises women’s jeans, but this is my first letter to the Daily. Learn to deal with your own fears or insecurities instead of attempting to impose them on the entire campus.

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