What is the big deal about a shooting range ad? It should be clear by now from my previous letters that I’m pretty generally liberal, but you know what, this is not one of those issues that pushes my buttons.

What does push my buttons is letters written to oppose something that is clearly innocent. To assume that an advertisement for a shooting range somehow “condones” school shootings is patently ridiculous. Will you declare me a threat to humanity because I go shooting with my family at home?

The fact is, this letter was never about the ad itself, it was about gun control. And I find it ludicrous that instead of simply sharing an opinion about guns in general (that may be perfectly valid), people insist on using shell issues like this shooting range ad.

To me this is a free speech ad. The people who would like to know about events going on at the shooting range don’t complain about the yoga ads in the paper or the ads for religious establishments. Why should we deny them their right to expression?

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