When I thought the service they provide us couldn’t get any shakier, they threw a new one at me. Before they have tamed the Oracle fiasco, they decided to get in over their heads and roll out a new portal look. While the new portal look was more aesthetically pleasing, it only lasted a few moments. Today the login page reverted back to its old self when problems arose while trying to log in.

I am not a consultant, or IT professional, but one would think to solve your current problems before taking on more. If they are still having trouble with email, then how do they possibly think they can handle anything else? I would like to know who decided to change the portal, and why they thought it was a good use of resources to have people work on that when they still haven’t solved the email debacle. I had problems with email as of yesterday, so they clearly have not put the email behind them. I think a more appropriate name for the ITS department is Instigator of Trouble with no Solutions.

David Hansen

Environmental health and services freshman

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