Next time instead of writing an article, just put in big bold letters, “REPUBLICANS RULE!” It will save you the painstaking time that you obviously took to write such a brilliant piece of biased nonsense.

Your title begins with “Good vs. Evil” and yet, nowhere do you mention what exactly good and evil are. In fact the only thing that you talk about in your article is how wonderful Republicans are, and that Democrats are Godless crybabies. Now it seems to me, and you tell me if I’ve got this wrong, but, are you implying that Democrats are evil? And then, if you indirectly claimed that Democrats are evil and that most democrats are secular in nature, are you saying that it is evil to not believe in God. If I am wrong, and I hope that I am, then I suggest that next time you explain yourself more clearly.

Later, you claim that us heathen liberals took President Bush’s consultation with God as a sign of mental deficiency. I say it’s more his inability to pronounce words like “nuclear”. It does not frighten me that our president prays, it frightens me that he tells the world that everything is going to be fine because he prays.

Perhaps, “The Right Way” would be to stop writing trivial articles glorifying your relationship with God and instead of fanning the flames, try to fix this problem.

Aaron Lichtner

Materials engineering freshman

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