What a short memory Jack Ingram has. It was less than a month ago that Jack wrote “Political convictions without political labels,” an article denouncing political labels. (I won’t even begin to describe the irony of such an article appearing in a column labeled “From the Liberal Perspective.”) Just this past Tuesday in his article “Abortion will not pull a disappearing act,” he decided to claim that all conservatives do not “think at all,” and that their beliefs are “idiocy.” So you believe that we should talk about issues not political labels, yet you spent your entire article labeling all pro-lifers as not only conservative Republicans, but idiots driven by irrational thought. I did not see a single argument for or against state-controlled abortion in your “opinion” article. What I did see was name-calling and ignorant stereotypes of religious belief. Instead of giving a thoughtful treatment of a very important issue, you perpetuated the same old partisan hackery that we have seen a nauseating number of times before. Instead of convincing yourself that those who don’t agree with you must simply be stupid, why not try contributing something thoughtful to the Daily. Oh yea, please stop claiming that abortion and capital punishment have the same moral implications. This notion requires one to give the exact same moral treatment to an unborn baby as they do to a state-convicted criminal. No matter how you reason the ethics regarding these two things, you can’t deny their numerous and substantial dissimilarities.

Brian Saponas

Aerospace engineering senior

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