Who is the author of “The Color Purple?” Who was the first African American to win a Nobel Prize in literature? The assassination of which man inspired the formation of the Black Panthers?

Here’s the answer key, “Jeopardy!”-style: Who is Alice Walker? Who is Toni Morrison? And who is Malcolm X?

These were just a few of the many questions ranging in difficulty that were asked during Tuesday night’s Black History Month “Jeopardy!” game held in the University Union.

The seats were almost completely filled due to the fact that there were more than 45 students in attendance; three sign-up sheets had to be made. This was a pleasant surprise to Multicultural Center student coordinator Brenton Smith.

“We definitely had way more people than we expected, which was good,” he said. “I’m glad people stuck around just to watch and see the questions and how the game went.”

The five categories for the game were “civil rights,” “culture,” “firsts,” “entertainment” and “on that note.”

Participants had a chance to win gift cards to gas stations, restaurants and retail stores.

Smith said the goal of the night was to “entertain people and educate them, which is why we had information after every question.”

Though many students initially came to get credit for KINE 255, the personal health: multicultural approach class, students didn’t walk away from the experience empty-handed.

“It was a good refresher for what I should have already learned,” said agricultural sciences freshman Bryan Pierce, who participated in the game.

Smith was glad people were able to learn something new from this experience.

“Hopefully they learned some facts about black culture; obviously, some of the questions were a bit tricky for some students to answer,” he said.

One of the questions that stumped all five teams was “What are the four elements that make up what is known as hip-hop?” The answer ended up being MCing, DJing, break-dancing and graffiti art.

Smith is also coordinator for the other events relating to Black History Month, including slam poetry, a step-dancing performance and documentary screenings.

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