Alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World will perform at the San Luis Obispo Veteran's Auditorium this Friday at 7 p.m. Courtesy photo.

Jimmy Eat World will be heating things up at the Veterans’ Auditorium in San Luis Obispo Oct. 1 to celebrate the release of the band’s sixth full-length album,”Invented.”

Lead singer and guitarist Jim Adkins, bassist Rick Burch, drummer Zach Lind, guitarist Tom Linton, along with special guest, back-up vocalist Courtney Marie Andrews, will be playing songs from their recently released album.

“It will be an evening emotionally pummeling anthemic alt-pop,” said local founder of Numbskull shows and music promoter Eddy Burgos, more commonly known as Numbskull.

The quartet from Mesa, Ariz. formed in 1994. Over the past nine years, the band has sold millions of records.

Mark Trombino produced the band’s first three albums: “Static Prevails,” “Clarity,” and “Bleed America.” Trombino recently reunited with the band to produce the most recent album.

“Invented,” the band’s first album in nearly three years, marks the return of the alternative rock band. The album was released on Tuesday, Sept. 28. So far, the album has received strong reviews for the band’s musical exploration.

“I’ve listened to the new album and I was impressed,” said business administration sophomore Nick Robertson. “I’m really looking forward to the show.”

According to the Big Hassle Media website, Adkins wrote the lyrics for the album. He took a new writing approach this time around by looking at Cindy Sherman’s “Completely Untitled Film Still” series as well as Hannah Starkey “Photographs 1997-2007.”

Adkins would then think about the character in the picture.  On the band’s official website, Adkins said it was only intended to be a writing exercise.  Eventually, he expanded his perceptions of those images into song lyrics.

“The band’s core has always remained the same and with the solid foundation comes unheralded chemistry,” Burgos said. “They understand their strengths and weaknesses much more now. Their sound is more refined and concise, yet still has that raw intensity.”

The band will be playing at 7 p.m. Tickets are available on the band’s website for $25.

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