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After 10 years of working with Symplicity to power MustangJOBS, Cal Poly Career Services switched to a new platform called Handshake. The service, which is available to all students and alumni on the “Single Click Links” tab of their Cal Poly Portal, changed in response to a growing demand to modernize and simplify MustangJOBS.

The new platform currently has 3,811 employers and 2,358 jobs and internships available. MustangJOBS posts 140 additional positions daily. The new platform also allows users to make appointments with Career Services, see upcoming fairs and workshops and browse training videos and documents focused on interview presentations and resume tips.

For Cal Poly students and alumni, the new platform provides job listings similar to Craigslist, with a profile page similar to LinkedIn. Director of Student Affairs Technology Rick Salomon described Handshake as a “combo of Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook” and stresses the easy-to-use nature of the site.

Anyone asking Career Services for a job is immediately directed to MustangJOBS, which now tailors job listings to each user’s interests and career plans. For example, a computer science student interested in working for a software company would receive postings from software companies seeking a programmer at the top of their list.

MustangJOBS is for students seeking any form of career-based help — from part-time jobs to internships to full-time careers. Even students planning to take the MCAT or hoping to network with groups such as Apple or Lockheed Martin can go to the calendar section of the platform and attend one of Career Services’ workshops or recruitment sessions.

Career Services decided between four different platforms to use for the upcoming school year. Executive Director of Career Services Eileen Buecher said it took two to three months of deliberation before deciding to go with Handshake. The final decision came from Handshake’s responsive feedback, and the increased variety of job locations across North and Central America.

Handshake has expanded the size of the Fall Career Fair by opening the door to companies that have either never worked with Cal Poly or have worked with Cal Poly in the past and have not been active for a while. All companies participating in the fair are also public under the new platform. Students and parents can easily search for the information instead of having to log in to see which companies will be present.

Students can log onto the newly revamped MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake, to get help with job searches and career advisor meetings.

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