Walking by University Union room 220 on a Thursday night might confuse you.

There may be a large bag overflowing with toys or students juggling various items, and if you’re lucky you’ll see a man riding a unicycle.

The Cal Poly Juggling Club welcomes you.

“We’re focused on giving anyone who wants to work on juggling or unicycling the chance and opportunity to learn,” juggling club president Jesse Rond said.

Club leaders emphasize that students of any skill level are encouraged to attend the meetings.

“We are happy to teach people to juggle; it’s not as hard as you think,” said Bill Robinson, a Cal Poly alumnus.

Every Thursday evening approximately 10 members meet to practice and learn.

“I found out about (the club) during my freshman year,” said Rond, a mechanical engineering senior. “I had grown up juggling and unicycling through my own personal interest. The club wasn’t too big at the time and it’s not too big now, mainly because not a lot of people know about it.”

“Two people really keep it going: Bill and Leslyn (Keith),” added Rond. “They come every week and bring different toys. They’re the ones who know a lot of tricks.”

Robinson and Keith, both of Morro Bay, have attended meetings for approximately eight years. They offer their time, knowledge and material.

“We’re visiting artists,” Robinson said. “I have a couple big bags of juggling paraphernalia I’ve accumulated.”

Robinson recalls a juggling club existing when he attended Cal Poly before graduating in 1976.

“(I participated in the club) a little bit and that’s when I really started juggling on a regular basis. The club hasn’t run continuously since then but right now they have a pretty enthusiastic group. It’s been running well for about the past eight years.”

Rond urges people not to feel intimidated.

“You don’t have to know a lot about juggling to join,” he said. “We leave our doors open so if anyone walks by and is interested then they are very welcome to come in and play around. It’s a very open club.”

The juggling club meets from 5 to 8 p.m. every Thursday in UU 220. To contact the club, e-mail cpjuggle@gmail.com.

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