First off, I would like to applaud James for an article that expresses in words what I can’t when I see a gas-sucking vehicle sporting a Jesus fish.

Now I am begging all you Cal Poly students out there to just have a sense of humor. George Lopez can poke fun at his Mexican brethren, Chris Rock can drop the “n-bomb” anytime he wants, and James Koman can point out the obvious with tongue-in-cheek humor. And we can all laugh.

Mr. Rosso, can you really call yourself a history major? History majors really should know their amendments, and last time I checked the First Amendment, we as Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech. The Mustang Daily can print basically whatever it wants, and no matter how much the truth hurts you (of course there are limitations, but I’ll save my interpretation of the Constitution for another time).

“Racist propoganda”?? Really?? I’m at a loss for words on this one. And James didn’t say we can’t classify ourselves by our heritage; in fact, he pokes fun at himself by classifying himself as Polish-Irish-Czech. That was a pretty bold statement you made by saying, “I am Irish and Italian and damn proud of both.” Wow, I am so proud of you!! *applause*

And I would like to thank Dave from the Webmail for insulting my parents because I found James’s article hilarious, so obviously I was raised wrong.

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