Credit: Chloe Jones | SLO Tribune

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect additional information from a Monterey County news release.

SLO County Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle won the guilty verdict for the prime suspect in the Kristin Smart murder. Now, he’s transferring to serve in Monterey County’s district attorney’s office as the assistant district attorney, according to a Monday news release.

In a trial that took place in Monterey County from July to October of this year, Peuvrelle fought to prosecute Paul and Ruben Flores for the 1996 disappearance of Smart.

“We felt very lucky to get someone like Chris Peuvrelle,” Monterey County chief assistant district attorney Berkley Brannon told Mustang News. “He’s accomplished a lot at a very high level. We’re really fortunate to have him accept the position here.” 

Brannon was a part of the decision process to select Peuvrelle and is looking forward to what Peuvrelle will add to the community. 

“He’s going to strengthen our office,” Brannon said. “He’s going to be able to mentor attorneys. I think that he’s also going to be an important member of that community outside the office.”

Peuvrelle will start in his new position in January, but will still represent San Luis Obispo County and the State of California in all potential future proceedings involving the Kristin Smart trial.