Cal Poly’s Iranian Student Cultural Organization leads an on-campus protest on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022. The organization will join a global college rally for Iran on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Credit: Annabelle Fagans / Mustang News

More than 150 universities across the globe are rallying for Iran on Wednesday amid rising violence by Iran’s regime. Cal Poly students announced on Tuesday they’d be joining in on the global event.

Cal Poly’s Iranian Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) is holding a rally for Iran on Dexter Lawn, beginning at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

ISCO is a non-religious, student organization dedicated to hosting Iranian social and cultural activities, with the goal of fostering friendship and appreciation of their culture.

Earlier this month, ISCO held a protest, calling for the fall of Iran’s regime and encouraging people to be the voice for Iranians, especially women, who have been oppressed by the regime.

The protest followed the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman who died days after being arrested by Iran’s religious “morality police” for not wearing her hijab in accordance with government standards.

An organization called Iranian Scholars for Liberty organized Wednesday’s global rally, tying together the pockets of protests and activism that have been seen at campuses across the world in support of the Iranian people. 

Iranian Scholars for Liberty is a collection of over 200 faculty, students, alumni and staff representing 76 institutions in the United States, 22 in Canada and one in Mexico. They have a list of short and long-term goals, but operate with the overall desire to spread awareness and to achieve rights for the people of Iran.

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