How dare Professor Ed Sullivan say that the leaked e-mails “really show how long and hard we’re working to make a good contract,” but at the same time complain about how he “really, really hope(s) we can avoid asking for a clarification of this phrasing and simply tell them we’re ready to sign.” How exactly is this going to be a “good contract” if he wants to “simply tell them we’re ready to sign”? I’ve spoken to him personally before and he could not be less enthused about female inclusion, which you could probably tell by his indifference to Xenia Bixler’s question.

Even though Dean Susan Opava said she didn’t see a problem with allowing females or minorities to participate, I’ve heard otherwise, and the problem should be staring her in the face. Professor Sullivan admitted to me that Cal Poly would not be realistically selecting from our pool of female faculty members beause JUC requires the professor to assist students in labs, which women would not be able to do because of JUC’s gender segregation.

I would like to thank Xenia Bixler for asking the questions no one else was asking. It may just be part of her job to ask questions, and she probably didn’t do it on behalf of women or minorities, but I am glad there is someone up top who may be as concerned as I am about the inherent discrimination in the contract. The apathetic response she received magnifies the corruption in our administration.

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