Ryan Chartrand

Bikers aren’t entitled to bike racks

“But officer, I shouldn’t get a ticket for parking my car illegally! There weren’t any spots by my class!” Such is the logic of bikers who feel entitled to have open bike racks by every building. Is it not enough that bikers don’t have to pay a dime to lock their bikes to a bike rack? Why does this “entitlement” mentality kick in and cause some bikers to feel like it is their right to have large bike racks next to every building?

Many students who pay a good chunk of change to park their cars on campus have to park far from their classes because there is not an abundance of close student parking. Sure, bikers may say, “but I don’t take up room in the parking lot since I ride my bike.”

Oh yeah? Well I don’t take up a spot on the bike rack by driving my car! Stop whining like a bunch of babies and lock up your bike to a rack! Consider yourself fortunate that even if there is not a bike rack right next to your class, you can probably find one that is still closer than many students have to park.

I saw a fine example of this when I noticed an abundance of open bike racks along the side of the Science and Math building, but across Dexter Lawn and down next to the Business building there were multiple bikes locked to the stair rail! Is there any reason bikers shouldn’t obey the law?

-David Lewis

mechanical engineering junior

Volleyball team deserves recognition

I feel very bad for a group of young women who have done as much to bring national recognition to Cal Poly as any single group I can think of. They work very hard and give hours and hours of volunteered time to hone their craft so that when the run out onto the court of competition, they can acquit themselves, Cal Poly, and the Athletics Department in a most honorable way.

I am referring to Cal Poly women’s volleyball team. Through hard work and a strong will to succeed, they have placed Cal Poly firmly in the national landscape as one of the preeminent volleyball programs amongst their NCAA Division I counterparts. And now, as they prepare to play arch rival Long Beach State (this Friday night, Oct. 10) in a match that may go a very long way toward helping the Lady Mustangs secure their 3rd consecutive Big West championship, there is nary a word about the fact that they again lead the Big West with a 4-0 record. Instead, there are stories of major league baseball and the fact that the football team does not play this weekend. The student body has really started to get behind this proud program… and the players truly appreciate it. I should know – I am their coach. I know that there was a reporter from the Daily who talked to all our players (and me) following our match Saturday night. So what gives? You have a chance to journalistically cover one of the great sources of pride for this campus and a program… a Cal Poly program, that is reaching dynastic achievements and you choose to act as though they do not exist. If ever there was a time for a rooter bus to head down to Los Angeles, this Friday would be the day!

-Jon Stevenson

head volleyball coach

EDITOR’S NOTE: Recaps of the Cal Poly women’s volleyball team’s wins Friday and Saturday were both posted online at mustangdaily.net following the matches. A centerpiece article in Oct. 1’s Mustang Daily discussed the Mustangs’ back-to-back Big West titles.

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