As one of the many liberal studies majors left upset and very confused by your letter, I am glad to know you were kidding. Though I do not think many people got the joke. Your letter and the responses it has received have done little more than trivialize our major. (And the Mustang Daily has made our major even more of a joke by creating a poll on the Web site about what people think we are really after here at Cal Poly).

Sure, we do not have to take advanced calculus or three-hour physics labs, but most of us are very serious and passionate about becoming teachers. Teaching is a profession, and our training is important. This debate you have started has brought out sarcastic comments about the classes we take and is reinforcing the idea that teaching is something that just anyone can do.

To those who made comments about our basket weaving classes, I have only this to say: while I may not ever design bridges or buildings, I will have the chance to influence the lives of many children while I am a teacher. And maybe, if I am fortunate, I may inspire them to go to college and become engineers and scientists, like you!

Be proud of your major, liberal studies students!

Amy Lamontagne

Liberal studies/modern languages & literature senior

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