I was quite offended and upset that Ms. Potter has such an archaic attitude towards the female population at Cal Poly.

According to her, a female’s place in society is in the home. When I read this I immediately called my grandma and she was shocked. What did the women of the past work so hard for? Equal opportunity and rights for women used to be an afterthought. In one letter, Ms. Potter brought the feminist movement back fifty years.

Raising children is a sacred and beautiful part of life and I am excited for the day when I can have my own, but my soul purpose in life is not to get married and have children. I go back to the example of my grandma, who was the first in her family to graduate from college. She was often told that she couldn’t make it but her triumph was a necessary step so that it would be easier for me to receive higher education. Not only did my grandma get a job but she also raised six children, with the help of my grandpa of course. Let’s not take a step backward and make her accomplishments unimportant.

Not only does Ms. Potter belittle women at Cal Poly but also the men. I don’t plan on “lording over” my future husband but rather I hope he will feel that my successes are his as well and that we can be equals.

I would hope that other women feel the same way as I. I hope the struggle my grandmother, and yours, went through was not in vain.

Alissa Sarvinski

Agribusiness sophomore

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