Fire alarms went off twice in the library on Tuesday. | File Photo

Fire alarms went off on the fifth floor of the Robert E. Kennedy Library on Tuesday around 3 p.m. The alarms were due to faulty smoke detectors, according to library administrator Cheryl May.

The first alarm caused University Police Department (UPD) to evacuate everyone out of the building.

Business administration freshman Truman Flynn was listening to Tupac while completing statistics homework when the alarms first started ringing throughout the study space.

Some students were hesitant to leave at first, in part because of the heavy rain coming down outside, but eventually followed their classmates out of the building, Flynn said.

“To fully clear the library, it probably took about 15 minutes,” May said. “I saw some students trickling out when everyone else was out.”

Roughly a half hour after the first alarm went off, students were interrupted by a second alarm, which stopped shortly after it began.

UPD followed safety protocols and went through the library searching for the cause of the alarms, according to May.

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