Frank Stranzl

This is a really important week for us. We just had our bye week and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was after our sixth game, right in the middle of the season, so the timing was perfect. Last season, we had our bye week after the third week, and that felt a little too early. Towards the end of last week my body felt a little sore, so it was good to have a break right in the middle of the season. I think that’s going to be really helpful for us down the stretch.

We just used the week to spend a little extra time getting conditioning in. We spent time lifting weights and doing some other things to take care of our bodies that will pay dividends later on. With that said, we’ve been trying to focus on the game against the University of Montana. It’s going to be a fun game. Two years ago, the attendance record was set for the most people ever to watch a game there. Although it’s since been broken, that just goes to show how big it is.

The Cal Poly-Montana game always generates a lot of interest. There are a lot of people who are saying it’s a huge game, but for us we’re just trying take the approach that every game we play is the most important.

With us coming off our bye week now, it’s the first game we’ve had to play in two weeks. So that just gives us a little more motivation. Montana is a special place to play with a great college atmosphere. It is something that most of my teammates and myself are really looking forward to, playing in a place like that.

With the energy that’s going around, the students are kind of buzzing about this game. It will be locally televised, so that’s exciting too. This is a game that we’ve been anticipating for a long

We’re really excited to get out there, and Montana is going to be a good opponent to face. The whole team is really excited for this opportunity.

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