Frank Stranzl

This has to be one of the roughest weeks of our season. Not only do we have the most important game of the season, the majority of the team has midterms this week and next week. It is a good thing the bye week came when it did, or we might be in a world of hurt come Saturday. With our student-athletes on this football team, it caused physical and mental fatigue from studying playbooks to the Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis.

Don’t know what that means? Exactly my point. How long do you think it took to memorize that name, where in the body it is located and what’s its function.

Besides that, we can’t wait to get out to Missoula, Mont.

“This is the only game we get this week. Heck this is our only game in the last two weeks,” the General (coach Rich Ellerson) preached after a rare Monday morning practice.

We worked hard getting healthy and ready to tackle this week of madness. Our team is really coming together and we have a lot of improvements to make. We aren’t satisfied one bit with what we have done so far. In our eyes we haven’t accomplished any of our season goals yet.

The first goal we already missed which was to win the opener (Troy). The other goals – win conference, beat Davis, make the playoffs and win the national championship – all haven’t been accomplished yet. We can’t get there unless we win the most important game of the year, which is this Saturday against them Grizzlies.

Quick shout out to the White House. If you check or maybe even Facebook, you can look us up. Hopefully, in the near future, you’ll see a story on us in the Mustang Daily about us ten football STUDENT-athletes that live in the same apartment complex, and are best friends. But that is beside the point, I would personally like to thank the Green Machine (defensive scouts), for making our offense work super hard this week and preparing us week in and week out. I haven’t had a chance to watch the offensive scouts, but they’re a huge part of why our defense is so good.

We do appreciate all that you guys do everyday, and just would like to say, “White House y’all can’t see us- CHUCH!”

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