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Kylie Jenner’s lip kits may be kicked to the curb because there’s a new matte liquid lipstick brand that does more than just complete a go-out look. For $20, graphic communication junior Katie Sones created a simple way to give back to womanhood while looking good at the same time.
Upset after President Donald Trump’s election and the issues women may be facing under his presidency, Sones decided to take action by creating Lipslut. The Lipslut website features a pop-art graphic of Trump wearing lipstick and bold pink letters that read “F*ck Trump.”

“After the election, everyone was saying, ‘Donate to this and [to] that,’ and I never donated, but I thought ‘Why aren’t I doing that?” she said. “People are going to buy lipstick either way, so if you could do that and have the money go somewhere that you support, that would be perfect.”

Sones added that the Lipslut team wants to keep the origin of the name a mystery, but she hopes it sparks conversation.

The brand’s social media followers were given a poll to pick which color they wanted the lipstick to be. They decided on a “mid-tone, nude pink,” according the website.

Half of the lipstick’s sales will go to a woman’s charity. Each customer can vote on the charity they wish to donate to at checkout. Once the campaign is over, all designated proceeds will be donated to the charity with the most votes.

“You can also write in your vote and it’s gonna be the popular vote that’s gonna win,” Sones said. “No electoral college to go through; whoever gets the most votes wins!”

With organizations like Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign and the National Organization for Women on the charity list, Lipslut’s goal is to donate the money to causes that support women all over the world. Sones said the completely student-run company already received orders from all across the country.

“I definitely feel strongly about political activism and I don’t think many companies are very outspoken about it,” Lipslut promoter and general engineering freshman Alexandra Ebrahimi said. “Even if they are, it’s not their main message and I think that’s what’s really cool about Lipslut.”

By posting on social media and reaching out to friends, the Lipslut team has grown into about 10 representatives throughout California, including at colleges like University of California, Los Angeles and Stanford University. Lipslut is continuously looking for more representatives to promote their cause.

“We really believe in people supporting a company that they can get behind,” Sones said. “We want to integrate philanthropy into everyday life; why not support something you care about?”

Lipslut plans on expanding their makeup line using funds leftover after donating to charity to grow the company. The team is currently deciding on a cruelty-free manufacturer to produce the lipsticks in the
coming weeks.

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