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Incumbent John Peschong wins District 1 race to remain on the Board of Supervisors

Incumbent John Peschong has won the District 1 County Board of Supervisors race Tuesday, March 3. District 1 consists of northern San Luis Obispo County, including Paso Robles.  As of 11:30 p.m., incumbent John Peschong has received 8,702 votes. This was 67.4 percent of the total votes for District 1, more than doubling his opponent […]

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ASI pushes for student voter registration despite no Ballot Bowl this year

Last year, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) registered 3,178 students to vote, helping Cal Poly beat every other California college in the Secretary of State’s Ballot Bowl competition. This year, armed with a $50,000 grant from the family of the late computer science freshman Jordan Grant, ASI president Mark Borges said he is confident ASI matched […]

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Cal Poly Pharmacy helps students fill pricy prescriptions when not covered by out of town insurance

Kat Campisi is a long way from home. She’s also a long way from her Kaiser Permanente pharmacy. Unfortunately for Campisi, Kaiser only runs their insurance prices through their own pharmacy or through mail-in, which could take days. Although she has good insurance and would normally have access to sufficient health care, Campisi does not […]