Moondoggies Beach Club carries simpler, stripped-down shoes — the kind Coalition manager James Fuchs said are becoming increasingly popular among men.

Hanna Iazzetta

Although it’s easy to throw on a bro tank or a casual T-shirt and basketball shorts, there are plenty of simple fall staples guys can choose to add a little more style to their walk across campus.

The first thing to throw into the mix is a slim fit pair of jeans. Solid colored jeans without any wild washes or prints make a perfect foundation for any outfit.

It was all about skinny jeans for a while, but now the trend is shifting to a somewhat wider fit, Coalition — a skateboard, art and fashion store in downtown San Luis Obispo — manager James Fuchs said.

“The slim, tailored fit is in,” Fuchs said. “Raw denim. No weird washes.”

There are many fresh T-shirt options to pair with solid denim jeans.

“The first place to check is Urban Outfitters,” Fuchs said. “They have stylish stuff that you’d want to wear every day. Getting away from just a plain T-shirt and wearing one with a striped pattern even makes a difference.”

Other places in San Luis Obispo to check for every-occasion T-shirts are Central Coast SurfboardsMoondoggies Beach Club and Forever 21. Specific brands to shop for skate, surf and street apparel are Obey, LRG, Hundreds, RVCA, Brixton, Huff and Diamond.

As it cools down, throw on a plaid flannel. Flannels are still in style and look great with the T-shirt and jean combo, Central Coast Surfboards shopper Cooper Walters said.

“Plaid flannel, Ambition-brand T-shirt, dark denim Vans pants, snap back,” Walters said. “And a pair of Nikes. That’s my outfit of choice.”

Nike brand shoes are selling out at Coalition, according to Fuchs.

“Honestly, Nike kills it,” Fuchs said. “People come in here for Nike SBs all the time. We can’t even keep it in stock. Adidas and Converse skate shoes have been catching on in the last year and a half, too.”

Shoes are heading toward a lower profile, simpler style this fall, Fuchs said.

“Everything is getting more traditional,” Fuchs said. “More slimmed down. Even the DC skate line that used to be chunky and huge is slimmer and simple.”

While shoes are heading toward a simpler look, tops are not.

Native American-inspired print is in style with guys’ shirts, Forever 21 manager Pete Picchi said.

This style varies from a blue and yellow ikat — a style of weaving that uses a tie-die method to dye the threads — design to a brightly-colored vintage look.

With so many tribal prints to choose from, it’s no surprise men are delving into such a fad this fall, Picchi said.

“(Forever 21) carries cardigans, pullovers, sweaters and some hoodies with Navajo tribal prints,” Picchi said. “We sell some corduroy with that detail also.”

Both men and women come into Forever 21 to shop for Native American-inspired looks, Picchi said.

“The other thing that’s huge for this fall is military-inspired jackets and pea coats,” Picchi said. “They go well with the layered look that men have trouble with sometimes.”

Military jackets have a rugged look and are versatile with a lighter weight fabric. Pea coats have a more traditional look and provide greater warmth from dense wool material. Both of these jackets make a great top layer when paired with jeans and a tee for a casual, go-to style.

A simple way to tackle the layered look is throwing together a T-shirt with a flannel, a military-inspired jacket, some dark jeans and plain colored skate shoes. When it gets really cold, add a chunky scarf or beanie for extra warmth.

Another common look for college guys this fall is a V-neck T-shirt, a buttoned-up collared shirt with the sleeves pushed up, solid washed jeans and any dark, slim pair of shoes. This is a great look for a night out downtown or a house party, Picchi said.

“It’s kind of casual, but at the same time it’s fashionable,” Picchi said. “It works for guys anywhere from 18 to 25, and perfect for college guys. It’s trendy, but easy.”

Guys can work with accessories, too.

Scarves and beanies will always be in style, according to Fuchs.

“People always wear beanies,” Fuchs said. “Beanies are cool. Especially when you wake up (with your hair) kind of haggard. I always like to just throw on a beanie.”

Another popular old-school accessory this season is the five-panel hat. Just about every popular surf and skate brand has their logo on the rising trend, Fuchs said.

The five-panel hat has a lighter feel than a beanie and comes in snap back to make a more custom-fitting, comfortable hat.

A watch is another accomplice to spice up a man’s fall outfit. Keep time in style with watches that come in a variety of colors and shapes and work with any school-bound outfit.

Watches are consistently on the up and up for guys, and are wearable with any outfit, Walters said.

“Nixon watches are for sure the most popular,” Walters said. “Some guys like the neon colors, some like black and green, and some like the silver or gold metal ones.”

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  1. I think I like this coming fall fashion trend for men better than the previous ones simply because less has always been better and safe. And in today’s modern world, men have truly become more fashion forward than the olden days that sometimes, it just gets confusing. I would like to see simpler but elegant fashion surface once again. Those neat and clean lines with neutral colors will break the monotony of being too fashion forward of the world today.

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