I sincerely hope that Will Vigliotti’s commentary was a joke, or some form of Halloween prank designed to frighten thinking readers. I also feel deeply sorry for any of the women in his life. First of all, if manly men are, or apparently were, so strong, how could they have let women and “veritable women” push them aside? It seems that the sort of man that Mr. Vigliotti is referring to would be able to hold his own against such “foppish” dandies.

Furthermore, Mr. Vigliotti’s statement that the establishment of sexual equality has forced the manly men from their place in society implies that manly men are inherently superior to women. So sexual equality is a bad thing Mr. Vigliotti? If there are women out there who desire “a simple way of life,” and that want someone to “take care of her,” Mr. Vigliotti is welcome to them.

I for one prefer women who are strong, self-confident, who know who they are, and who don’t need chauvinistic manly men to take care of them. And regarding the last portion of Mr. Vilgliotti’s commentary, blaming strong, independent women for the decline of old-fashioned manly men is like blaming abolitionists for the decline of slavery. I am at least one modern man with no nostalgia for a way “I never knew.”

To Mr. Vigliotti, and all men who desire a return to the days of silent, dependent women, perhaps the weakness lies within you. You have nothing to fear from women who are your equals.

Justin Housman
History senior

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