On Wednesday the Mustang Daily printed an ad for the Cal Poly men’s basketball team. It stated Cal Poly was hosting an “exhibition game vs. Notre Dame.”

As a lover of college basketball my heart pounded with excitement. How could Notre Dame, a nationally recognized, premier basketball school be coming here!? Why had I missed this information? I decided to check and make sure it was not a typo. And it isn’t a typo – but it is misleading. There is nothing wrong with this claim unless you don’t know that the “Notre Dame” mentioned is short for Notre Dame de Namur University, a small school in Belmont, California with a sub-par basketball program. This ad should definitely be clarified so no one else suffers the let-down that I experienced when I found the truth. I looked it up and even Notre Dame de Namur’s uniforms sport NDNU. However, I fully support any advertising for Cal Poly’s basketball team, as they don’t get the attention they deserve.

Jake Howell
Graphic design junior

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