In response to Amy Dierdorff’s “Where Have all the Manly Men Gone?” you don’t need to look any further than the article above to see that the answer is Michael Heimowitz (1). When he’s not rollin’ round town with his posse in his Hebrew Hummer with the windows down and the music up (2), or teaching people how to be gangsta rappers (3) or putting jackasses (4) in their place, or tearing up the football field (5), he’s most likely putting a ridiculous amount of footnotes in his articles (6).

As for the pink shirts, well, you have to be pretty manly to wear a pink shirt (7). Just remember the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue.”

In conclusion, Michael Heimowitz is a manly man!

Zachary R Goldstein
Mechanical engineering junior

1 Otherwise known as MC Meshuganuts

2 But not too up or too late because-some-people-are-trying-to-get-to-sleep-on-time and Heimy-needs-to-go-to-bed-early-so-he’ll-have-plenty-of-energy-for-school-the-next-day.

3 My new rapper name is The Dynamite Yemenite.

4 Fifteen so far.

5 As starting offensive lineman on the Alpha Epsilon Pi IFC intramural flag football team.

6 Just like I’m doing right now.

7 Or a singlet on your profile.

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