Dear Mr. Vigliotti, I would like to point out a few of the many problems with your article regarding “Manly Men.” First of all, you say “real manly men respect women and love them,” yet you seem to forget that in the era where men were acting like John Wayne, women were relegated to kitchen and cleaning duty – and were only permitted lofty career goals such as secretary or seamstress.

Certainly, you’re not suggesting that manly men fostered the type of respect that allows women to, I don’t know, vote and go to college. Respect, in your opinion, is allowing your wife to serve you while you work your nine to five job. I hate to break it to you, but the type of women you’re going to meet in college aren’t the type who are going to want to cook your sexist ego dinner every night. They are the type who will seek out a man who will respect their knowledge and let them participate as equals in marriage and family life. And a real man will do just that.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate “assholes like Fred Durst” just as much as you do. But they aren’t “real men” any more than you “manly men” are.

Chris Rollins
Aerospace engineering senior
Chris Davis
Political science senior

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