Question: If you were to succeed and bring God’s laws to all, and achieve your “Christian utopia,” what then would be your purpose? I assure you, the purpose of life has less to do with gathering supporters for your cause than it does with gathering causes worthy of your support. You want to focus your energy on “evils” such as “open gayness” but are you aware that there is a genocide occurring right now in Sudan? Do you care? If these people were Christians would you care more?

Right now there are thousands of children survivors of the South Asia earthquake who need assistance to make it through the harsh Pakistan winter. Will you help them or will you crusade for creationism in the classroom?

You want to indoctrinate us with your dogmatic views, why don’t you learn about others’ beliefs too. Try getting out of your Campus Crusade or PCF shelter and mingling with us “heathens” for a change. I promise we’re not all evil, some of us are decent human beings. Read another religious text; let’s say, the Quran or Tao Te Ching. Maybe even hang out with someone who is openly gay.

Lastly, instead of converting everyone by carrying out a Christian coup, you should try to improve people’s image of Christianity by helping some non-Christians in need, because right now, all of us on the outside see nothing but ignorance and intolerance spilling out of Christians like you and Pat Robertson.

Brian McMullen

Journalism sophomore

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