George Clooney is directing again, this time with a film that covers a variety of genres, including sports, romance, comedy, drama and good ol’ fashioned 1920s action in a film about a football team where a rookie player competes with his coach for his fiancee.

Whether Clooney and his rookie screenwriters can balance their handful of genres is yet to be seen.

The most hopeful fact to hold on to when deciding whether to see “Leatherheads” is that it comes with an all-star cast. The screwball comedy, however, might end up too old fashioned for both the stellar cast and confused audiences.

The Ruins:
I’ve lost count of the number of films involving nonsensical people going down into dark, creepy caves that I’ve seen in the last few years.

The exciting twist with “The Ruins” is that in addition to the creepy cave is an army of disgruntled natives who also don’t want them hanging around sacrifice central.

It won’t take much more than a viewing of the trailer to see that missing out on “The Ruins” certainly won’t ruin your weekend.

Fashion photographer Carter Smith’s first feature film is sadly looking like a poor start to his Hollywood career.

Married Life:
A man decides to kill his wife instead of going through the pain of getting a divorce.

It’s the kind of plot you just don’t see anymore and sometimes it takes something that ridiculous to explore the ever-complicated world of love.

Although it’s a 2007 release, San Luis Obispo will be treated with the film that critics couldn’t decide whether they loved or hated.

If the plot itself isn’t odd enough, Rachel McAdams stars alongside Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper.

Seeing it would be a risk, but anyone looking for a clever, unique approach to the romance formula might consider it.

George Clooney (“Good Night and Good Luck”)

Carter Smith (“The Ruins”)

Roland Emmerich (“The Day After Tomorrow”)

George Clooney, Renee Zelweger

Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone

Steven Strait, Camilla Belle

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

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