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Letter to the editor: Vote!

Florida recount, Katherine Harris, “Bin Laden determined to attack within the U.S.,” “Bush Doctrine,” no WMD, the “last throes of the insurgency,” “Mission accomplished,” no post-invasion planning, George Tennet’s “slam dunk,” Rumsfeld’s five month war, their Medals of Freedom, corruption, Tom DeLay, fake journalist Jack Gannon, Jack Abramoff, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Ted Stevens, scandal, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, secretive government, Rove, Cheney, rendition, secret prisons, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Halliburton, Blackwater, KBR, signing statements, recess appointments, John Bolton, stove-piping information, “Kenny Boy” Lay, Enron, John Yoo and the “quaint” Geneva Accords,” legalizing torture, Harriet Myers’ and Rove’s refusal to testify, “executive privilege,” belief in a “unitary executive,” the “disappearance” of administration e-mails, Terri Schiavo, unsigned Kyoto accord, obstacles to stem-cell research, denial of global warming, systemic incompetence, Hurricane Katrina, “heckuva job” Brownie, telecom surveillance of citizens and immunity for spying, suspension of habeas corpus, political firing of U.

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Stop hiding behind the military to bash Bush

In response to Patrick Molnar’s June 3 article, “Support Our Troops”: Stop hiding behind the military to bash our president. I am in the Marine Corps Reserve, I’ve spent nine years at Cal Poly, I’ve deployed overseas four times and was in Iraq in 2003. For my service, I receive $440 a month for my GI bill – one-quarter of the active duty amount – but that’s the way things go.

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Live election results

ASI President:

First round of the election:

Angela Kramer: 47.6 percent
Melissa Lema: 29.1 percent
Arvand Sabetian: 24 percent

The election then went into a run-off as Kramer did not reach 51 percent of the vote. The run-off was betweeen Kramer and Lema.

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Ohio track tandem teams up at Poly

Two Cal Poly track and field freshmen, Jerae Byrd and Jasmine Pickett, have more than the first letter of their names in common. Both hail from Ohio – 2,341 miles away from the sunny landscapes of San Luis Obispo.

How did two Ohioans end up so far from home?

Both excelled in their respective premier events (hurdles for Byrd and jumps for Pickett) and, although the athletes grew up in separate towns, over the summer they shared the same coach, whose daughter attended Cal Poly.

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Online TV-watching made easy

It’s a TV network’s nightmare come true: millions of people watching its content, new and old, without paying a dime and only sitting through single 30-second advertisements.

And yet it was the networks themselves that made it all happen.

In case you hadn’t received the memo, cable television is going out of style.

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Alleged e-mail threats sender pleads no contest

Computer engineering freshman Francisco Diaz plead no contest Wednesday morning to felony charges after he was accused of sending threatening e-mails to more than 50 Cal Poly students and faculty in October 2007. The plea bargain, while technically not a guilty plea, means Diaz neither admits nor disputes the charges of criminal threats and unlawful access to a computer and fraud.



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