Prom Night:
It’s that time of year again: the annual torture high school kids in a thriller just dying to be torn apart by critics film has arrived.

This year Hollywood has attempted to be original by copying a 1980s film rather than an actually entertaining Japanese horror flick.

If anything, it will scare the hell out of teenager girls and make them think that the guy they dumped freshman year may come back and ruin their senior prom. And if that’s not meaningful filmmaking, I don’t know what it is.

Written by J.S. Cardone (“The Covenant”), “Prom Night” will be, as critics are already saying, a formulaic night of boredom.

Street Kings:
What a mess. You have Keanu Reeves, an action star killing people left and right.

You have Forest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie trying to give the story some life.

You have director David Ayer directing like a rabid monkey as three unaccomplished writers attempt to “write a story.”

And then you have the inevitable critics tearing it all to pieces, saying that between the actors and the creators, no one has any idea what they’re doing.

If you’re a fan of nail-biting, over-the-top action with Reeves and friends running around Los Angeles taking names, maybe, just maybe, “Street Kings” will work out for you.

Smart People:
Every now and then a film that usually wouldn’t be turned into a wide-release due to its slow, quiet nature makes its way into theaters are blows everyone away. First there was “Sideways,” and then came “Juno.”

“Smart People” has producer connections to “Sideways” and Ellen Page, who stars in this film, starred in “Juno.”

The only problem here is that no one seems to like “Smart People,” despite all that it has going for it. Perhaps it’s the rookie director and writer, but the critics feel as though “Smart People” is as formulaic as a Hollywood blockbuster and anything but a film with the heart of an indy film.

Nelson McCormick (first feature film)

David Ayer (“S.W.A.T.”)

Noam Murro (first feature film)

Brittany Snow, Scott Porter

Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker

Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

Excitement level:

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