I would like to thank the conservative columnist Brian Eller for citing some sources in his article, “American history and black history, it’s one and the same.” This is something I found severely lacking from his previous article on global warming.

Unfortunately, he still seems to be preaching to the choir. In his previous article, he tried to convince us that global warming was not a threat without actually quoting any legitimate scientific sources. While he probably spoke to many people, these were most likely people who already agreed with his opinion. The point of the political columns should not be to rehash the same old opinions in the same way, but to present these in a new way to explain it to the other side, and perhaps, even learn what their objections are.

I will admit I tend to lean a bit liberal, but there are several areas (nuclear power plants, small government, fiscal policy) where I lean conservative. If Mr. Eller cannot convince me that he’s got a legitimate argument, how can he hope to convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with him?

Troy Kuersten

Aerospace engineering junior

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