The interim imam for the Mosque of Nasreen in San Luis Obispo will present a talk on Shariah Law at Cal poly on Wednesday. | Courtesy Photo

Emily Kucera
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The Muslim Students Association (MSA) will host “What is Shariah Law?” on Wednesday in the Business building (building 3), room 213 at 6:30 p.m. Its purpose is to educate the local community on Shariah law.

“Many people believe Shariah Law is some book of rules and punishments, but the reality is that it’s not a physical code of law, so much as it is a methodology and a systematic way of arriving at laws,” said Munir Eltal, a biomedical engineering senior and president-elect of the MSA.

Osama Eisa, the new interim imam at the Mosque of Nasreen in San Luis Obispo, will deliver the talk. Eisa studied at the Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Cairo and recently received a master’s degree from Georgetown University.

His research focuses on the historical and future development of Shariah Law, as well as its current application in nations such as Turkey and Iraq.

“This event represents a very special opportunity for our club and the general public to learn about Shariah Law,” Eltal said. “Our speaker, Osama Eisa, has focused his studies on this topic and knows how to relate this complex idea to a Western audience.”

The MSA says Shariah is a hot topic that is being touted in our media with more commonality as states move to outlaw it, and it is therefore becoming more important to understand what Shariah is.

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