In order to make room for a new dining establishment, Mustang Express closed its doors for good at the end of June.

After gauging student wishes through a series of surveys, the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) decided to close the postal store and copy center, said ASI public relations coordinator Michelle Broom.

“We want to make sure we’re serving student needs,” ASI President Todd Maki said. “From the surveys, the No. 1 thing students want is more food areas and different food areas.”

Mustang Express’ University Union location was chosen to be transformed into a food venue because their services are offered elsewhere on campus. Shipping, stamps and paper are available at El Corral Bookstore, while Poly Prints offers binding, prints, copies and laminating.

“We plan on putting up some signage to redirect (students) to these services,” Broom said.

The UUAB has not yet decided what food establishment will replace Mustang Express, Maki said. “I’m confident that whatever does go in will be good.”

The UUAB, a group of students that oversee modifications to the University Union, the Recreation Center and the Sports Complex, will be working with Cal Poly Corporation, formerly the Cal Poly Foundation, to make the decision, and the press will be notified immediately thereafter, Broom said.

June 30 was chosen as the closing day for Mustang Express because the date also marks the end of the fiscal year, Broom said.

Until a decision is made, the former Mustang Express location will be put to use by Poly Escapes while the outdoor resources center undergoes renovations.

Poly Escapes will operate out of the area from Aug. 10 to Sept. 10 while rearrangements, such as a new floor, take place at its main location, said Daren Connor, ASI assistant director for programs.

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