In order to create a strawman, I would need to be arguing with you. Since this is not the case, I have built no strawmen. I wanted to point out that there are other crimes for which you can be sentenced to death in this country. I find it annoying that capital punishment proponents convienently “forget” to mention this when discussing the death penalty. They use the emotional “eye for an eye” talking point to garner support for their cause, while not disclosing the entire truth about the subject.

As for the basis of your argument, I think you made good points. Responsibility and accountability are two issues central to conservative theory, and almost all positions the Republican Party take can be somehow related to those two subjects. Personally, I find this bordering on unforgiving, but I doubt you care very much. In short, my letter was more of a PSA than an angry rebuttal, and I’ll leave you with that.

Jonathan Allen

Biology senior

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