What you have to realize about Morgan Elam is that he never writes what he thinks. If you have read the paper in the last couple of years, you would know that Elam writes to get a rise out of people. He’ll say just about anything to stir the pot. While this is good sometimes, when he falsely portrays the beliefs of a group he goes to far.

As a Christian, I was very offended by Elam letter on Wednesday. The subject matter itself did not offended me so much because when I read who wrote the letter, I took nothing seriously. What I was afraid about was how other people would read his letter. The Christian community feels VERY differently about policies and goals that we have then the ones that Elam portrayed. I believe, from my readings of his letter, that Morgan Elam is the worst example of a Christian, and should not be viewed as one, whether he says he is or not.

Readers of the mustang daily must NEVER take anything Morgan Elam says seriously and realize that he is an engineering senior with way too much time on his hands. This school will be a better place when he graduates and naA_ve students no longer buy into his letters.

Matt Fritch

Physics senior

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